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 Our History 
The Theros Restaurant Group was founded earlier this year, after Jimmy & Charlie Theros purchased the St. Clair Broiler in St. Paul. The group was formed as an entity to oversee the operations of each of the restaurants. Both Rudolphs Bar-B-Que and the St. Clair Broiler are institutions in their own right and require special attention to detail to tend to the thousands of guests that frequent them each and every week and to deliver outstanding quality food at reasonable prices.
The Theros Restaurant continues to evolve each and every day. The group is constantly looking to improve and upgrade the existing operations and also for other opportunities to bring its “old school” philosophy to running a restaurant to more diners in the Twin Cities.
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 Our People


Jimmy Theros
Founder, Rudolphs Ribs
President, Theros Restaurant Group
Partner, St. Clair Broiler

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Jimmy immigrated to America from his native Greece in 1948 and immediately developed a passion for the food business (the first six weeks shining shoes might have had something to do with that). Serving Coney Island hot dogs on Hennepin Avenue Jimmy has always had an affinity for the tuber and still does so to this day. In 1956, along with his father, they opened up a restaurant called the James Broiler. Jimmy worked the 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift and his parents worked the other 12 hours everyday of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was here that Jimmy honed his skills as a cook, host and erstwhile bouncer. In the summer of 1974 Jimmy packed his family into the car and toured the country looking at bar-b-que restaurants. He collected recipes, menus and wisdom from other operators and upon his arrival back in the Twin Cities he quipped, I can do that and set about making Rudolphs Bar-B-Que a reality. Since then he has done what he loves to do, work in his restaurants and serve fine bar-b-que to his many loyal customers.

Charlie Theros
Managing Partner, Rudolphs Ribs
Managing Partner, St. Clair Broiler
Managing Partner, Theros Restaurant Group

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 If Jimmy fell into the restaurant business, his son Charlie was definitely born into it. Charlie, The only son of Jimmy and Kathy Theros, herself as Jimmy put it "The finest coffee shop waitress in the history of restaurants" Charlie was washing dishes at the tender age of five and flipping bacon at seven. Young Charlie was so into the restaurant scene that he would often dream of recipes and plate presentations during little league baseball games forcing his teammates and coaches alike to scream at him as ground balls rolled harmlessly past him. Charlie is a graduate of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. He can't keep a straight face when people ask his major because he actually works in an industry that he majored in. To this day, when Charlie walks around the restaurant customers swear they can see the hamster turning the wheel in Charlie's head.

Kevin Tracy
Executive Chef, Theros Restaurant Group

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 Kevin was born and raised on a farm in northern Iowa. When he was 9 years old Kevin asked for a goat for his birthday because he wanted to make his own feta cheese. "Cow's milk is boring" claimed Kevin and I need better ingredients if I am going to expand as a chef and so his parents shipped him off to culinary school before he graduated sixth grade. In his culinary career Kevin has worked in hotels, restaurants and catering kitchens with equal aplomb and earning awards and rave reviews like some people collect stamps. To this day Kevin believes in fresh ingredients and fresh approaches to menu selection and design and he harbors no grudges to his parents. "It was the ultimate love for a chef in the making to send me out before I hit 13 but they could have given me a round-trip ticket instead of the one-way."

Calvin Cross
Pitmaster, Rudolphs Ribs

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 Originally from Cliffwood, New Jersey Calvin has always enjoyed cooking. As a young cook in an unnamed eatery in New Jersey Calvin got his start. Calvin was cooking and producing the best meals far and wide. It was on a fateful day in June 1985 when a customer complained that "his gravy was no good" that changed Calvin forever. Upon hearing that bit of criticism, Calvin confronted the guest that said it. Upon learning that the guest that said it was none other than local waste management consultant Frankie "no thumbs" Pescarrado, Calvin packed his bags and moved to Minneapolis with the help of a national group that specializes in transfers and witness protection programs. "New Jersey's loss is Minneapolis' gain" stated Executive Chef Kevin Tracy because nobody can cook as many ribs as fast as Calvin.

Kimberly Wentland
General Manager, St. Clair Broiler

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 Kim started working for Rudolphs just after graduating high school. "I was always very ambitious claims Kim, the fact that I cracked up my Dad's 1976 Dodge Dart had nothing to with it." Kim has indeed risen through the ranks at Rudolphs and the St. Clair Broiler. She started as a server, then graduated to trainer, then assistant manager and finally manager. Her real break came in August of 2006 when the Theros Group purchased the St. Clair Broiler and she was named General Manager of the new operation. I was very excited to get my own store; "finally I can get some peace and quiet from Jimmy and Charlie."

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